June 21, 2018 - Grilling Seafood

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Simple Seafood On the Grill
Looking for healthy meals that can be made quickly?
Choose seafood on the grill for a fast, delicious answer to the daily dilemma, "What's for supper?" IN THIS ISSUE, we're presenting three quick recipes featuring seafood: Cedar Plank Salmon with a Simple Arugula Salad, Grilled Halibut Tacos with Red Cabbage Slaw and Spicy Crema, and Salt Block Grilled Shrimp with Cucumber Mango Salsa on Avocado Toast. YUM!
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Tools for Grilling Seafood
RECIPE: Cedar Plank Salmon with a simple arugula salad
Cedar Plank grilling is easy
Infuse Wood Flavor: Grill on a Cedar Plank
Simple Seafood On the Grill
When is Salmon done?
RECIPE: Grilled Halibut Tacos with red cabbage and spicy slaw
Marinating Fish
Time it right
So fresh
RECIPE: Salt block Grilled Shrimp with cucumber mango salsa on avocado toast
Salt Block Cooking
Himalayan Salt Block Benefits
Shrimp cook Quickly!
Simple Seafood On the Grill